Post Positions Can Affect The Outcome of The 2012 Kentucky Derby

Statistical Analysis Service in UK of Kentucky Derby Post Positions will show that the first five spots along the rail are the best. However, it will also show you...

Statistical Analysis Service in UK of Kentucky Derby Post Positions will show that the first five spots along the rail are the best. However, it will also show you that there have been very few winners with the outside or the rail in the last 40 years. The 137th Kentucky Derby is determined for Saturday, May 5, 2012, and a post time of 6:24 W.M EDT, and we will get another chance to see whether the post position of the winner matters at all. Enter for the post positions are random, so behavior all at least be secure in the knowledge that it’s done reasonably.

Thing is, does this job matter in the grand scheme of things? Things i mean to say is, if the horse excellent enough to win a race as prestigious given that Kentucky Derby, does the post position matter whatsoever? In 1977 Seattle Slew, a frontrunner if there ever was one, had a post position along the rail and nearly got caught in traffic through the frantic race for extremely first turn. Getting stuck behind a wall of horses at the first turn would have been disastrous for a horse like Slew, and when you watch the race, it’s almost as if he knows it, too. He pushed and shoved and banged other horses aside just when it looked like he would get trapped; he really threw his weight around. Then before knew it, there he was at the first turn, in second place and in easy striking distance, which he took advantage of along the backstretch.

And what about Secretariat? He had the number ten post in a thirteen horse location. Does anybody really believe that he would have lost that race had he been stuck in traffic promptly? Not a chance, but reasons? Because, most importantly, Secretariat was simply too much horse, not to add 1973, but any kind of year. But there’s else to consider: he was a) a closer, therefore the break from the gate and early position didn’t matter all that much, and b) he also actually sucked back after the initial jumps out within the gate, letting full field get ahead of him. If you decide to have only watched the 1973 Kentucky Derby and possibly the Belmont Stakes who may not bear in mind Secretariat’s career, it might startle them locate that Secretariat’s performance in that race was typical. He break nicely, however willingly drop back muscles. Then at some point, sometimes along the backstretch, sometimes around camp fire . turn, and sometimes in the stretch, he would swoop around the field in a dramatic move and usually blow the field away. That’s exactly what he did planet Derby, and this hadn’t been for Sham, who just happened to run the second fastest Derby (behind Secretariat) on the same DAY, his margin of victory enjoy been over ten lengths. Did the post position put in? Not in the slightest.

Then again consider 1988, when Risen Star, son of Secretariat, got caught in traffic early and then couldn’t run down Winning Colors in the stretch. Was which usually case where the inner post position hurt the horse’s chances? Maybe, maybe not, but if Hansen or Union Rags are truly worthy of being a champion, one can’t help but think the post position won’t matter in this particular year’s Kentucky Derby .

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